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Historical Interpretation is bringing people from the past to life, encompassing teaching, storytelling and performance. Our aim is to show the real people and tell the real stories - beyond the myths.

Taking many forms - as site-specific dramatisations, one-to-one engagement or in the form of lectures or talks - it shares many attributes with theatre but is not traditional theatre. Visitors to historic sites are not audiences, the sites are not theatres, there is no stage, no lights and Past Pleasures does not use scripts, relying instead on improvisation springing from research.

Visitors to historic sites enjoy encountering our charming, knowledgeable 'people from the past' who, using drama, tell the stories of their characters in the castles, palaces and places they happened. Our specialist performers are trained in delivering large and small-scale improvised plays and re-enactments, not just as Kings and Queens, but people from all walks of life - including notorious monarchs like Henry VIII or Charles II, infamous characters such as Queen Anne Boleyn and Guy Fawkes, and people from the past less well-known; do you know what it was like to be a Victorian scullery maid in a stately home?

We undertake careful research for everything we do, and do it with the utmost sensitivity. That is why it's called Historical Interpretation; we interpret the evidence we have to tell the real stories. History doesn't need embellishing.




A Victorian using his new mode of transport at Kensington




King Henry VIII and Mary Boleyn at Hampton Court

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