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Mark is among the first to have used costumed interpretation professionally in the UK, when in 1977 he received his first paid commission for co-producing an historical event celebrating the oldest bridge over the River Thames.

He was instrumental in setting up Britain's first living history event at Kentwell Hall while still a student, where he experienced the different, complementary disciplines of re-enactor, actor and interpreter. Mark holds a BA in costume design and an MA in theatre history - the latter gained in America where he lived and worked for nine years, bringing history to life on a massive scale with the Living History Centre's Elizabethan and Dickensian festivals, and - on a more purist level - with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (for which he was recently appointed Visiting Artistic Director).

While at Williamsburg he founded Past Pleasures Ltd, and on moving back to Britain in 1987 set about employing costumed interpreters in historic sites. Amongst his - and Past Pleasures Ltd's - relevant triumphs, Mark was responsible for setting up the daily award-winning live interpretation at Llancaiach Fawr Manor (Wales) and that at the Palace Stables Heritage Centre (Ireland). He is a Fellow of the Association for Heritage Interpretation and of the Royal Society of Arts.

Mark's enthusiasm for this work is undiminished and he takes part in costume whenever possible, always leading from the front! His passion ensures that Past Pleasures Ltd remains the leader in the field and to this day follows his interpretative philosophy and aims.





Mark in Germany in 2012 as a visiting lecturer




Mark oversees the training of all new interpreters

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